Magnetic Equipment Manufacturer

We are leading Magnetic Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier, Magnetic Plate Manufacturer and Supplier since 2008 in India

Linux Magnetics, established in 2008, is one of the leading and well-recognized as Magnetic Equipment Manufacturer.

With ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are well-recognized brand name in the industrial market for manufacturing different types of magnets and magnetic products. We are having nearly 10 years of experience in this domain. The founder of the company Mr. Pritesh Patel has tons of experience in this industry which results in the smooth functionality, product development and services of our company. Our manufactured products are of top notch quality and always look forward to meet the customer necessity.

Magnetic Plates are designed for installation in feed chutes or for suspension over the flow of material for removed of weakly magnetic/fine iron impurities. There are widely used for Food, Chemicals, Minerals or Ceramic Slips and Glazes. Rare Earth Chutes (Channel Type Magnet ) are also available to custom built requiremens.

Magnetic Equipments Exporter

A Magnetic Equipments Manufacturer is a specialist industrial entity dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and delivering a wide range of magnetic devices and equipment for various uses. These manufacturers play an important part in a variety of industries, including mining, recycling, food processing, and manufacturing. Magnetic separators, lifting magnets, magnetic conveyors, and magnetic chucks are typical products in their range. These instruments use magnets to efficiently separate, move, or hold ferrous materials, providing solutions for functions such as metal extraction, material handling, and quality control. Magnetic equipment manufacturers must have a thorough understanding of magnetism, engineering, and industry-specific requirements in order to provide honest and efficient solutions that boost production, increase product quality, and contribute to lasting success for their diversified clientele.

Magnetic Separator Manufacturer

We are considered to be prominent manufacturer and supplier of Magnetic Separator in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Linux Magnetics is one of the top magnetic equipments manufacturing companies in India. We are developed with a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts who are engaged in manufacturing Magnetic Separator. These offered Magnetic Separators are widely used in aggregate & mining industries, food processing, textile industries, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as in wood processing and tire recycling industries. We are manufacturing the magnetic separator as the specification given by the customers. We even modify the separators as the requirement, for the same we require the following data from the customer for manufacturing the magnetic separator such as Conveyor Width, Conveyor Speed, Conveying Material, Conveyor Speed per second, Density of the material, Burden depth.

Our offered range of Magnetic Separator

  • Over band Magnetic Separators
  • Suspension Magnet
  • Magnet Head Pulleys
  • Magnetic Drum Separator
  • Magnetic Roll Separator
  • Magnetic Grill and housing
  • Liquid Line Magnetic Separator
  • Plate Magnet and Hump Magnet
  • Magnetic Floor Sweeper
Dry Powder Magnetic Separator

Electro Magnetic Equipment Manufacturer

We are a recognized brand name betrothed in manufacturing and supplying Electro Magnetic Equipments. Under this category of products we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Electro Magnetic Lifter, Electro Magnetic Vibro Feeder, Electro Magnetic Drum Separator to the esteem clients. All these range of products are manufactured with the support of experienced experts having huge experience and under the strict command of our experienced experts using the advanced technology machines and instruments. These equipments are hugely demanded in the industrial market for their features like easy installation, low maintenance cost and longer functional life.

Magnetic Drum Separator

Being leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter, we are engaged in manufacturing Magnetic Drum Separator along single, double and triple drum. The design of multiple drum was pioneer matching as the necessities of all manufacturers, suppliers and exporters who need the magnetic separation towards their improved sale. It has been a confirmed technique to use permanent magnet design drum facilitating removal regarding ferrous impurities. Our engineers have expertise in catering all necessities relating magnetic drum separator with permanent or electro magnet. The permanent magnetic drum separator is used in mines and coal separating factories to separate the wet fine highly magnetic substances or remove the highly magnetic substances from the non-magnetic materials.

Magnetic Lifter Manufacturer

A magnetic lifter manufacturer specializes in inventing and manufacturing novel lifting systems that use the power of magnets to safely and efficiently carry high loads. These advanced gadgets use powerful permanent magnets or electromagnets to generate a strong magnetic field that securely grabs ferrous items without physical touch. This technology has various benefits, including precision control, less manual labor, and improved worker safety. Magnetic lifters are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and logistics, to assist the carriage of heavy things such as steel plates, pipes, and machinery components. These manufacturers focus quality, durability, and industry compliance to ensure their products deliver great performance and reliability, making them key partners in material handling operations around the world.

Wet Drum Magnetic Separator Manufacturer

We are engaged in providing Magnetic Wet Drum Separator, which is majorly used for removal of fine particles from strong magnetic minerals or wet weak magnetic sorting. Mineral processing, coal preparation and chemical industries are some of the additional application areas of these efficient separators. These products are quite popular in the market as they provide strong construction, maximum functionality, and reliable performance. Our brand name is recognized as leading manufacturers of wet drum separator which is used to remove very fine magnetizable components from low concentration, low-viscosity liquids. The drum magnetic separator handles wet inputs from which magnetic material have to be separated. There are many names by which it is called they are Wet Drum Permanent Separators, Wet Drum Magnetic Separators, Wet Drum Separators, Low Intensity Magnetic Separator (LIMS) & Wet Magnetic Drum. The wet drum separator is intended for use in the metal processing industry and for the treatment of pre-concentrates extracted from the high gradient magnetic filter.

Industrial Magnet Manufacturer

We are specialist organization dedicated to the development and sale of a wide range of magnetic solutions customized to the needs of diverse sectors is known as an industrial magnet manufacturer. Magnets with precise specifications and remarkable performance characteristics are created by these producers using modern materials and cutting-edge technology. These producers play a critical role in providing magnetic components that improve the efficiency and operation of various products and systems, whether for applications in automotive, aerospace, electronics, or healthcare. Their experience lies not only in the manufacture of magnets, but also in the provision of essential consulting services to aid customers in selecting the best magnetic solutions for their unique needs, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Vibrating Equipments

Being leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of huge range of premium quality Vibrating Equipment in India, we well-recognized in India and across the globe. Our esteem clients flourished across the globe can avail the vibrating equipments in different specifications with respect to the diverse and emerging demands as per their requirement. This equipment is specifically engineered by using the quality-standard raw materials, latest machinery, and higher technology. These products are perfect for the screening of wet and dry sand, crushed stone, plastics, gravel, ores, and minerals. Owing to the robust construction, great performance, and smooth operations of our Vibrating Equipment, it is abundantly insisted by the clients.

Vibro Screen Machine Manufacturer

Linux Magnetics is engaged in manufacturing and supplying the premium quality of Vibro Screen Machine which are even known as Gyratory Screen, has a circular screens operating with special vibro motor imparting vibration in multiple direction to the screen assembly. Vibro screens are three-dimensional and multi-functional. Generally it has three main applications called classification or sieving; solid-liquid separation or filtration; washing and cleaning. Vibro screens widely used in chemical, abrasive, ceramic, pharmaceutical, papermaking, metallurgy, mining, food industry, etc. The screening assembly consisting of one or more set of deck/screens is mounted on a set of angularly located springs, effectively isolating the base from vibrating assembly.

Vibrating Screen Manufacturer

We are the proficient manufacturer of Vibrating Screen, which are designed screens that offer a manifold perforation decks for material separations, as per client’s prerequisite. These Vibrating Screens offered with superior vector-lock clamping system that steadily hold decks and also permit for an effortless and quick removable and interchangeable perforation decks. Normally, Vibrating screen is used in diverse industries to perform diverse processes such as to perform operation of grading, de-dusting, classification, oversize removal, fiber recovery as well as de-watering, filtration, and for size based separation. Vibrating screening machine is designed for the use in sizing of minerals, ceramics, refractories and other powders.

Vibratory Feeder Manufacturer

We are a notorious Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Vibrating Feeder (Dal feeder or Dewatering Feeder). Our offered Vibrating Feeder takes out the surplus moisture from moong dal after washing and regulates the nourish rate of the processing equipment. This superior design feeder get nearer with a superior vector-lock clamping system that steadily holds the perforation decks which allows for an easy & quick removal. Dal feeder is available in different capacity & dimension, based on the customer's requirement. This Vibratory feeder is determined by two electromechanical counter rotation unbalanced motors, to offer linear motion & allows a steady flow of material on the feeder. Customers can buy the product from us at a reasonable rate, with the benefit of 1-year warranty.

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