Over Band Magnetic Separator (OBMS)

Over band magnetic separator is specifically designed for the protection of the machineries like shredders and crushers by eliminating abrasive ferrous bits from the material to be proceeding. As the name shows, over band magnetic separator situated over the vibratory feeders or inclined planes from where the material is passed for the further procedure in production line. Due to strong magnetic field, all kinds of ferrous impurities are being captured and collected separately. It improves the product quality as well as prevent damage from these contaminants.

A drum containing two different U-section pieces is arranged by the bearings of the drums. Shafts are provided to drums. It is also provided with geared motor and electrical motor. Vee-belt is drove through the reduction gear. In order to offer high magnetic field, magnets are made from stroncium ferrite magnets of high intensity. To cover the magnetic pole a non-magnetic stainless steel plate is used.

  • Flawless working
  • Highly efficient
  • Enhance service life of an instruments
  • Improve quality of the product


  • Domestic waste recycling
  • food processing
  • cement industries
  • coal mines
  • foundries
  • plastic recycling