Channel Magnet Manufacturer

Channel Magnet Manufacturer in India

Channel magnets are simple magnets with practical applications. Like plate magnets, it is also used to remove contaminated particles like nuts, nails and other ferrous particles from the free flowing material. It is used to prevent any harm to the concern equipment from these contaminated particles. It is used to gain maximum result of ferrous contamination retention. It does not require special adjustments for the application.

Ceramic material,Magnetic Equipments, Magnetic Rod is used to fix the channel magnets. We also use zinc plated steel parts. Channel magnet is formed by the fixing these material in series in steel pieces. It forms a large surface of action. It contains mounting holes to fix it on proper place with proper position. To apply for the wide range of application it is mad heat resistant and thermal resistant. It can be used for the vast range of temperature. It is used for varied safety locks and systems. Due to effective result, our channel magnets are used in number plates of the vehicles. In this series of applications, it is used to hold tight the sign boards, banners and blueprints. Channel magnet extends the life of these products.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Thermal resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain

Our channel magnets are checked on various parameters that ensures the quality and function of the magnets.

Application of Channel Magnet

  • To hold blueprints perfectly
  • To hold sign boards and banners tightly
  • Name plates of houses
  • Number plates of vehicles

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