Funnel Magnet Manufacturer

In order to remove contamination from the flow of material in production line, we provide highly efficient magnetic solution. We offer affordable and practical solution for your specific need. Being manufacturer and supplier of different kinds of magnetic separator, we offer funnel magnet to suite diverse industrial applications. In production line contamination can affect the quality of the end products. Specifically, ferrous contaminants may harm the inline equipments and also affect the production procedure.

Commonly funnel magnet is used in ceramic industry. It is also helpful for glaze production. Funnel magnet is fixed in the production line to remove contaminants. Material flows through the funnel and cleaned material is found at the other end of the funnel magnet.

Funnel Magnet Features :-

  • Help in smooth texture of material
  • Useful to maintain quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install

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