Hump Magnets Manufacturer

Hump magnets are specially manufactured for the abrasive material. Abrasive materials contain poor flow of the material. Generally they contain vertical flow in the production line. It is efficiently used for the large quantity flow. It is made from high grade M.S. it is completely enclosed arrangement in which material flows in vertical manner. It is made of two plates magnets hinged to steel housing. It can be easily opened for manual cleaning.

It flows in zigzag manner and passed out by the magnets. Flowing material is come in contact with first magnet and due to its vertical flow it quickly come to the second magnet. Hump magnet efficiently remove the ferrous impurities from the flow and ensures cleaned flow of material. We offer hump magnets with standard as well as customized applications. We provide hump magnets with all sizes of pipes. It can be easily installed and easily cleaned. It is used in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, grain processing and many more industrial applications. Hump magnets efficiently remove iron bolts, nuts, wire and other ferrous contaminants.

Hump Magnets Features :

  • Hinged doors make easy cleaning
  • Easy mounting
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-efficient

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