Hump Magnets Manufacturer

Hump magnets are made specifically for abrasive materials. Using abrasive materials will impede the flow of the material. Production lines typically involve vertical flow. Efficiently used for large flow rates. Made of high quality M.S. Completely sealed structure where material flows vertically. It consists of two plate magnets mounted in a steel housing. Easy to open and clean manually.
It flows in a zigzag pattern and is transmitted by a magnet. The flowing material comes into contact with the first magnet and the vertical flow immediately moves him to the second magnet. Hump ​​magnets efficiently remove iron impurities from the flow, ensuring clean material flow. We offer hump magnets for both standard and custom applications. We offer hump magnets for all pipe sizes. Easy to install and easy to clean. Used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, grain processing, and many other industrial applications. Hump ​​magnets efficiently remove ferrous bolts, nuts, wires and other ferrous contaminants.

Hump Magnets Features :

  • Hinged doors make easy cleaning
  • Easy mounting
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-efficient