Inline Magnetic Separator

As the name shows, inline magnetic separator is used to remove ferrous contaminants from the flow of the raw material from the production line. It is used to protect the precious equipments of the production line and also used to prevent ferrous impurities from the end products. It is effectively used for many manufacturing units. It is exclusively prevent the abrasion wear of the contact parts of the machinery and give out pure product. It is an ideal example of precise engineering. We offer highly durable range of the inline magnetic separators. It is provided with permanent types of magnets. It is totally enclosed design that helps to keep away dust and other pollutants. It is provided with flanged type inlet and outlet connections. Its specific design helps convenient maintenance and easy cleaning facility. It is widely used in flour mills, refractors; cattle feed plants, minerals, glass and other industrial applications.

inline magnetic separators Advantages :

  • Highly efficient
  • Highly durable
  • Long service life
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean