Plate Magnet Manufacturers

Plate Magnet Manufacturer in India

Due to our close work regarding to a variety of magnetic instruments, we are been able to fabricate optimum quality plate magnet. Plate magnets are commonly used to remove iron particles from the final products. In order to eliminate contamination from the material, plate magnets are used. It is used in different industrial segments. It is mainly used in paper pulp, plastic, food items, grains, oil seeds, fertilizer and many more industrial products. it is also used in the industries like textile, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Our plate magnets are available in compact model and can be fixed in the production line with convenience. It is used to remove the contaminated particles from the free flowing material flowing through the ducts of material chutes, feed trays, and spouts and also from conveyor belt. Plate magnets are installed easily on the bottom side of the chute. It forms powerful magnetic circuit. Material flows through this circuit and ferrous contaminants are automatically dragged out from the line.

We offer suitable solution for the diverse products our plate magnets are available with various size, shape and configuration. We also provide customized solution for particular requirement.