Magnetic Separator Manufacturer

Magnetic separators are used for the efficient separation of the ferrous particles from the different kinds of processing materials of various industries. Many kinds of magnetic separators are used for specific industrial applications. We offer best quality magnetic separators precisely made from high grade material. Material of construction is varied as per applications.

We offer single drum magnetic separator, double drum magnetic separator and multi drum magnetic separators.

Single Drum Magnetic Separator :

Name itself shows its functions. It is available with medium intensity and high intensity of the magnet.

It is provided with inlet hopper and available with completely enclosed design to avoid pollution and dusting. Material is subject to pass through the magnet drum and due to high magnetic field, ferrous contaminants of the material are captured. Single Drum Magnetic Separator is used for many kinds of materials like chemicals, minerals, grains and many more. Permanent magnetic plate is fixed at the outlet of the magnet drum. We make use of the isotropic permanent magnet for the effective separation.

Double Drum Magnetic Separators :

In order to obtain more precise result for better purity, double drum separators are used like single drum separator material is passed through the drum, but in double drum separator, material is passed for twice through the drum. High intensity of magnet is used at material outlet. In double drum magnetic separators, ferrite magnets and stationary permanent magnets are used.

Multi Stage Drum Separator :

Where highly pure products are needed, we suggest the multi stage drum separator. We offer permanent drum separators with different size and configuration. Our multi stage magnetic drum separators are available with various width ranges of 300 mm to 2500 mm. for the large quantity of material; we provide drums with big diameter and width. As pr need, material is passed through the drum thrice or more time to obtain highly pure output.