Magnetic Rods Manufacturer in India

Magnetic Rods Manufacturer

Rare earth rods are specially made to remove the fine ferrous impurities from the free flow materials. It is widely used in the production of the flour, grain processing, sugar, ceramic slurry and many more. It is also used in food processing. It is ideally used for the material having low moisture content.

In order to provide strong and effective magnetic separator manufacturer, we offer rare earth rod. These earth rods ware also used in cycle dynamo, fishing reel break, audio speakers, computer hard drives and other electronic articles. To provide the earth rod more sturdiness, it is subjected to fine coating of nickel. We offer cost-effective range of the rare earth rod magnets.

Our range includes Neodymium and Samarium-cobalt earth rods. Neodymium rods are used in many industrial applications. Samarium kinds of rare earth rods are efficiently used in the high temperature applications. We offer these rare earth rods with different shape, size and configuration. We also offer total customization of the rods for the specific application. It is available with blank, studded and tapped ends. It is available with the size of 25.4 mm diameter, 32 mm diameter, 40 mm diameter and 50 mm diameter. We make use of the high grade stainless steel material. It is very convenient for the manufacturer wants their separator units.