Magnetic Rods Manufacturer in India

Magnetic Rods Manufacturer

Magnetic rods play a condemnatory role in maintaining product purity and equipment integrity in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and mining. The simple and effective design allows for easy installation into existing processing equipment such as chutes, piping, and hoppers. Rare earth rods are specially manufactured to remove fine iron impurities from free-flowing materials. Widely used in flour, grain processing, sugar, ceramic porridge, etc. production. It is also used in food processing. Ideal for materials with low moisture content.

In order to provide powerful and effective magnetic separator manufacturers, our company offers rare earth rods. These grounding rods are also used in bicycle dynamos, fishing reel brakes, audio speakers, computer hard drives, and other electronic devices. A fine nickel coating is applied to increase the stability of the ground rod. We offer a variety of cost-effective rare earth bar magnets.
Our product range includes neodymium and samarium cobalt grounding electrodes. Neodymium rods are used in many industrial applications. Rare earth bars of the Samarium species are used efficiently in high temperature applications. We offer rare earth rods in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. We also accept full customization of rods to suit your needs. Bare, dimpled, and threaded ends are available. You can choose from 25.4mm diameter, 32mm diameter, 40mm diameter, and 50mm diameter. Made of high quality stainless steel material. This is very useful for manufacturers who need separator units.