Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Wet Drum Magnetic Separator Manufacturer, Supplier

With rich experience of making high quality magnetic equipments, we offer highly efficient wet drum magnetic separator widely used in the metal processing industry. It play significant role to remove very fine ferrous and other magnetisable impurities from the material.

Magnetic Drum Separator is used for low viscosity liquids. It is provided with semi- circular separating chamber fixed just beneath drum made of high quality stainless steel. Drums are provided with cylinders containing permanent magnetic discs. Cylinders are used to make high-gradient magnetic field. They efficiently remove magnetisable particles along with ferro-sillicon particles from the material. They also used for the dense media like iron ore. Some application needs very pure form of the end products. For such specific products, rare earth magnets are used. Strong and high field gradients are used to remove very fine contaminants from the medium. Our resourceful rare earth magnets are very effective for the weak contaminants and also for dense mediums of material.

We provide wet drum magnetic separator in different size, shape and configuration. It is also available with single drum and double drum design. For double drum arrangement, two separators are fixed back to back. We also offer multiple drum application.

  • Permanent magnets facilitate with proficient functioning and eradicate coil burn-outs
  • High recovery and discharge of contaminants
  • High grade material of construction
  • Bolted design ensures safe and fast operations
  • Used to obtain pre-concentrate extracts