Grill magnets, Grill Magnet Manufacturer are specifically designed for free flowing powder. To remove the ferrous impurities from the free flowing material, Grill Magnets, Gyro Screen, Gyro Screen Manufacturer, Circular Vibrating Screens are perfect and suitable option for many industrial applications. It efficiently remove very fine particle from the material to provide pure output. It is also used to protect equipments of production line. It is used for the granular material.

We offer varied size and shape of grill magnets suitable for many industrial applications. It can be attached to the closed chute, floor opening, hoppers, catch bins and other required instruments. It is also available in the shapes like round, square and rectangular. It is frequently used in plastic industries.

For more protection and purity, double and triple banked grids are used. Grids are available with powerful magnets for effective function. It is attached by rare earth magnets and ferrite magnets. We offer grid magnet with 25 mm and also provide customized grid magnets. For very fine particles, neodymium iron boron magnets are available with cost-effective range.

Magnetic Grill Manufacturer

We are recognized and most demanded manufacturer and supplier of huge range of Magnetic Grill. The offered Magnetic Grill is used for the separation of iron particles mixed with dry, granular, or free-flowing material. We are using the stainless steel for manufacturing the magnetic grill. Our esteem customers can avail the magnetic grill in round, square, or rectangular shape with Magnetic Rods inside the frame.

Being the most demanded brand in the domestic market now we have extended our wings into international market in countries like United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, and so on…

Our Magnetic Grill is used for :

  • Magnetic Grill For Ceramic Industries or Powder
  • Magnetic Grill For Mineral Industries
  • Magnetic Grill For Pigments
  • Magnetic Grill For Dies
  • Magnetic Grill For Alpha and Beta Blue
  • Magnetic Grill For Guar Gum
  • Magnetic Grill For Wheat Flour
  • Magnetic Grill For Intermediate
  • Magnetic Grill For Quartz Powder
  • Magnetic Grill For Emulsifier
  • Magnetic Grill For Limestone Powder
  • Magnetic Grill For Glass Plant
  • Magnetic Grill For Tile Plant
  • Magnetic Grill For Chemical Plants
  • Magnetic Grill For Plastic Granules
  • Magnetic Grill For Plastic Grinder
  • Magnetic Grill For Packaging Machine
  • Magnetic Grill For All Spices
  • Magnetic Grill For All Grains
  • Magnetic Grill For All Pulses