Roller type magnetic separators are specially designed to use in ceramics and minerals. In order to obtain equally finished material in ceramics and other likewise industries, these kinds of pulleys are used. Due to its high efficiency to remove contaminants of micro iron and para-magnetic objects from material it is used to get very effective results. To get more prominent results, double roller separator, triple roller separator and multi roller separator are used.

In double roller separator, material is subject to pass through the magnet twice with specific arrangements of the production line equipments. We offer high intensity magnetic roller separators that contain highly efficient rare earth neodymium permanent magnetic rollers.

Our offered rollers are available with different size and shapes. We also offer total customization as per requirements. We offer completely dust tight equipments with different stages. We offer one to eight stage roller magnetic separators with varied size. On requirement of highest purified raw material, several industries use triple and multi roller magnetic separators. It is attached to hopper and effectively removes ferrous contaminants from material.

Features :-

  • Easy to install
  • Total customization available
  • Different stage roller magnetic separator
  • High intensity magnetic field
  • For efficient magnetic field gradients, rare earth neodymium permanent magnetic roller assembly is applied