We cater so many industries with our wide inventory of products. We offer optimum range of Magnetic equipments, electromagnetic equipments and vibrating equipments. Our equipments are the protection equipments. Being well aware of the market trend and having trustworthy sources of raw material, we are able to offer qualitative range of equipments with industry leading prices.

It’s due to our adroit team that has help us to cut down the production cost at every level of production with maintaining the quality. Thus we ensure that our equipments are available at highly affordable price.

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Sound resources and properly managed infrastructure is secreting of our ability to provide qualitative range of equipments like magnetic equipments, electromagnetic equipments and vibrating equipments,Wet Drum Magnetic Separator, Wet Drum Magnetic Separator Manufacturer.Our equipments are proven high quality on different industry’s parameters. So it is time tested products on which our global customers rely.

We are tagged as the major manufacturer and supplier of the high quality equipments. We provide our range to diverse range of industries.


Our offered range of Magnetic equipments as well as electromagnetic equipments and vibrating equipments is proven on several industrial parameters. We possess latest production facilities that allow us to make high quality range of equipments with very reasonable rate. Having good reputation as leading manufacturer, we also considered as the major magnetic equipments supplier.

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Having sound foundation of rich experience and high tech infrastructure, we have gain reputation as leading manufacturer and supplier of magnetic equipments,Magnetic Rod,Magnetic Rod Manufacturer,Drawer Magnet, electromagnetic equipments and vibrating equipments in India.  Repeat business from our worldwide, esteemed customer base is the driven force to us. Our sincere efforts have helped us to reach our target to supply magnetic equipments in India.

Electro Magnetic Vibrator
What is Electro Magnetic Vibrator?

The Electro Magnetic Vibrator, manufactured by Linux, is a conveying machine that is capable of flexible usage which matches the design of standard vibrating devices. In vibratory machineries such as parts-feeders, conveyors etc., electro-magnetic vibrators are frequently used as the source of vibration. These vibrators for practical use are of moving-coil or electro-magnet type and are excited with sinusoidal or half-rectified sinusoidal current. In order to scrutinize the fundamental performance of vibratory machineries, the steady state motions of the vibrators and those of two degrees of freedom systems are analyzed by an approximate method. The performance obtained from this analysis is found to agree well with the experimental results.

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  • Intensity of vibration can be controlled using a controller
  • Various standard Models available based on power rating
  • Vibrators available in customized specifications
  • These are basically electromagnets working on A/C 50 cycle and vibrate 3000 time per minutes.
  • The armature of the magnet with the help of electro Power & set of springs is made to vibrate and in turn vibrate the hopper or tray.
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Drawer Magnets
What is Drawer Magnets?

We are renowned manufacturer of Drawer Magnets which consists of a row, or most commonly, rows of round magnetic tubes that are assembled into drawers. Drawer magnets are typically placed under a surge bin, drying hopper or directly over the machine throat so that as material flows through the unit, the magnets inside, collect ant tramp or ferrous metal particles. These machines are recommended for fine cohesive materials such as magnesium oxide, zircon powder, fly ash, aluminum, gypsum, lime, powdered sugar, cornstarch, flour and pulverized minerals and ceramics. Our provided Drawer magnets are powerful which is usually fastened to a removable polycarbonate plate that acts as a drawer so the magnets can be easily removed and cleaned.

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  • Units are built with welded stainless steel housings for easy cleaning and durability.
  • High-torque nylon knobs resist breakage.
  • Stainless steel center drawer guide makes removal and re-installation of the magnet drawer quick and easy, for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Most powdered colorants and resins slide off without sticking.
  • Superior cartridge geometry increases reach-out and holding power.
  • Robust construction prolongs cartridge life.
Magnetic Lifter
What is Magnetic Lifter?

Linux offers excellent range of Magnetic Lifter which is used in various industries for lifting and moving steel, semi-manufactured goods and molds and engine parts. They can hoist moving iron blocks and other magnetic material. Our provided lifter are easy for operation and safe to handle and hence are widely used as lifting device in factories, docks, warehouses and transportation industries. These lifters eliminate the requirements of slings, clamps or various other holding devices because of a high magnetic force.

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  • Zero electricity required
  • Forged hook for high mechanical strength and durability
  • Precision machined assembly block in single piece to enhance efficiency
  • Designed for safety and light weight
  • Fool proof locking system with an easy to use "on" and "off" lever
  • No Maintenance and operating cost
  • No damage to the work piece being lifted
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permanent magnetic chucks
Permanent Magnetic Chuck
What is Permanent Magnetic Chuck?

Linux is the leading manufacturer of Permanent Magnetic Chuck, which is a device, or work holder, that used magnetic force to hold a ferrous metal item during machining. It also refers to magnets used to secure a work holder, such as a vise or other fixture, to the work machine. We are offering a highly efficient and durable range of Permanent Magnetic Chucks. The assortments of magnetic chucks are of international quality standard to compete with the best magnetic tools in the market. Our provided chucks are mainly used for surface grinding machines, tool and cutter grinders, spark erosion machines. The chucks provided by us are having strong magnetic grip to hold any ferrous material. Permanent Magnetic Chucks don’t need power supply and hence do not cause any unexpected accident related to power failure.

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  • Super powerful permanent magnetic chucks developed by special design for heavy duty cutting.
  • Relatively fine pole pitches make the magnetism work effectively on certain small work pieces and thin work pieces.
  • A drop in magnetic force due to air gaps is little, enabling heavy duty cutting of mill scales.
  • The holding power is very strong, yet the operation of the select ratchet handle is light and safe. The handle is removable for space saving.
  • Workable under wet operation
Coolant Magnetic Separator
What is Coolant Magnetic Separator?

We have been manufacturing and exporting a huge range of Coolant Magnetic Separators which are used in automotive and chemical industries for removing ferrous particles from coolant liquid to ensure smooth functioning of the machines. To manufacture the high quality Coolant Magnetic Separators, our professional employ advanced machines and utilize quality tested material procured from the authentic vendors with customized separators as per the needs of the clients. The company has wide range of standard models to choose from and special / larger system can be designed and supplied as per requirement and application.

magnetic coolent separator
  • Operation is automatic. You can remove all the contaminants easily.
  • Can be applied on new or existing machines.
  • Stainless steel housing.
  • The coolant separator has self adjusting scraper blade.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • A neoprene rubber roller with covered bearings.
  • A stainless steel blade with adjustments for efficient scrapping of the sludge.
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